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Although decentralisation is a key feature of Bitcoin and other digital currency technologies, it brings with it a series of challenges with regards to the accurate reporting of their nature and utility.

The purpose of this Working Group is to ensure that the UKDCA will become a trusted central source of fact-based information in a sea of hype and speculation. As the media, government, regulatory bodies, businesses and public in general search for a better understanding of the opportunities and threats that this new wave of digital currency technologies brings, it will be the Group’s key objective to help clarify misconceptions and filter out misinformation.

In particular, we aim to promote a better understanding of digital currencies in the press where sensationalist headlines often drown out informed and balanced debate.

With Group members having been heavily involved with helping to educate newcomers to the UK Bitcoin community, their experience will be invaluable as the UKDCA brings a better understanding of their potential to a wider audience.

As well as media and education, this Working Group will also be tasked with promoting the promise that digital currencies can offer the charity sector. Borderless, peer-to-peer transactions may prove to be very beneficial to the billions of unbanked citizens across the globe, especially in countries where traditional payment mechanisms are denied.

Some of our Group members are already working closely on charitable projects in Africa and closer to home and they will continue to raise awareness and work with interested parties in order to share their knowledge and experience in this space.

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