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Meet The Board Intro

Meet The Board


The inaugural UKDCA Board elections took place at our 2014 AGM on 26th September.

Interim Board AC

Adam Cleary
Adam Cleary


Adam Cleary is director and Chief Executive of Coin Capital Limited, an investment management firm based in London that is authorised and regulated by the UK Financial Conduct Authority. Coin Capital is the owner and sponsor of Bullion Bitcoin Limited, a new bitcoin exchange that enables Professional Investors to exchange gold bullion and bitcoin.

Interim Board PG

Paul Gordon
Paul Gordon


Paul is an independent financial derivatives trader specialising in executing short term interest rate strategies. As a co-organiser of the main London Bitcoin networking group, he quickly realised the need to give the group more structure once it started to grow rapidly during the first half of 2013.

Since launching the popular “Coinscrum London” educational and networking events, he has overseen its growth to become the largest networking group of its kind in the world. It was his effort to unite the various group members that were actively pursuing cryptocurrency related business opportunities in the UK that culminated in the establishment of the UKDCA.

Interim Board EJ

Eitan Jankelewitz
Eitan Jankelewitz


Eitan Jankelewitz is an intellectual property lawyer at law firm Sheridans. Eitan specialises in software and technology, working with a range of bitcoin businesses including mining hardware manufacturers, hosted mining providers, bitcoin exchanges, wallet developers and businesses accepting payment in bitcoin. Eitan is regularly invited to speak on the subject of bitcoin regulation and has been a member of a number of delegations to discuss bitcoin with UK government departments and regulators, including HMRC.

Interim Board TR

Tom Robinson
Tom Robinson


Tom Robinson is co-founder of Elliptic, a provider of secure digital currency custodian and management services. He has been involved with Bitcoin since 2011 and, through his business activities, is well aware of the challenges faced by Bitcoin companies in the UK.

Tom has sought to address these challenges by engaging with government and regulators alongside various other members of the UKDCA over the past year. These efforts culminated in HMRC’s ruling on the taxation of cryptocurrencies in the UK that was released in March 2014. Tom also helped to organise the UK’s first public Bitcoin marketplace, “Satoshi Square” at Spitalfields Market.

Interim Board AV

Adam Vaziri
Adam Cleary


Adam is a qualified lawyer and director of Diacle Ltd which provides licensing and compliance support to Financial Technology services firms (crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending and digital currency). He also acts as a consultant for Neopay; leading the market in delivering compliance solutions to e-money institutions, payment institutions and related industries.

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